White Painted Floorboards: The Purest Of The Lot

white-painted-pineWhite painted floorboards are in big demand at this time and it’s easy to see the attraction. A clean, light and bright flooring option, white painted floorboards bring the smallest, darkest, dingiest room to life instantly — so you can imagine what they do into a room that already has a load of potential!

At Floor Sanding Kensington, we’re such huge fans of white painted floor boards that we have crafted three individual ranges which match this class, and we’ve seen each single one used to great effect. Which you choose will depend on your budget, the look that you want to accomplish and the furnishings you’re likely to improve your room. But in this article, we would like to help you choose the white painted floorboards that suits you finest of all.

You can see our white wood flooring range here. If you’d like pure white painted floorboards, then a few of the best options can be found within this range. The likes of the oak double white solution is possibly the purest of this lot — literally. It really is the icing on the cake and if you put in that it is click system matching, all at competitive price per square meter, so you can see why it is so common. However, if you didn’t have quite so white on your mind, then the likes of this polar white option is highly inclined to please. Again, on offer at a great price, this white painted style floorboard is one which you are sure to not tire of.

These whitewashed wood flooring solutions are fantastic if you would like more of a classic cursory look. They have all of the warmth of natural wood colored floorboards but at precisely the same time the edge which you can only achieve using a white washed flooring. Perfectly suited to relaxed configurations, this flooring may be used through the home and even over under floor heating, making it as versatile as it’s good looking.

For a lot of people, to opt for an entirely white floorboard is a step too far and people product-engineered-wood-goodrich-whitened-room1individuals really appreciate this particular range. With everything from quite light solutions like this spring grey floorboard through for this Paris white choice, there really is something for everybody. This range really appeals to anyone who’s producing the initial step towards white painted floorboards, however, isn’t quite ready to make the entire jump just yet. With all the warmth of natural wood floorboards, this range is actually timeless and trendy.

If you’re watching out for white painted floorboards, we’re sure you’ll agree that we have a superb selection. For some people the choice can be overwhelming however, which is exactly why we provide to send you FREE samples so that you can view them up close for yourself in the comfort of your own house. If you’d like a FREE sample of any of our floors, all you have to do is click the big yellow button on any of the merchandise pages.

Alternatively, if you’re within travelling distance of Floor Sanding Kensington , why don’t you return to our showroom so you can view our products and meet our team in the exact same time? Sometimes when you are choosing a new floor, it’s very good to select the brains of a specialist. At Floor Sanding Kensington That’s what we prefer to predict win:win!


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