asAs with a great deal of things, the answer to this question will depend on a range of factors, not the present state of the wood flooring and your unique circumstances. The decision has to be made taking into account a variety of criteria.

By way of instance, if you’ve recently moved to an older property, you may be unsure about the older wood floors and if they can be restored. Or, you could have been hiding your hardwood flooring beneath carpets or other floor coverings and would like to alter the look of the room.

In each of these situations in which you want to earn the ideal call, you will need to take into account the budget and how much money may be devoted to a renovation job, most wooden floors can be revived the only time that they ought to be changed is whether they have been sanded and sealed to a lot of times and another resand would risk going to the tongue & groove.

Has the floor been subjected to an above-average quantity of traffic? Has it been well-maintained over recent years? What kind of timber has been used to create the floor?

There are tons of things to consider, in addition to the status of the flooring finish and deliberating whether to opt for a new wood flooring solution or not. If you’re in any doubt you can always choose to speak to the hardwood flooring experts such as Justwood since they may advise on what will be perfect for your circumstances.

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